Rev. Norman Millership / Retired


Served 1997 – 2006

Our previous Pastor Rev. Norman Millership retired in September 2006 and both Norman and Linda are much missed. The congregation at Chardsmead remains immensely grateful for Norman’s ministry and dedication to the Gospel work in Bridport. Norman and Linda returned to South Wales where true to form Norman took up a small work “ The English Baptist Mission” in Nelson on a part-time basis and has now finally retired completely as of Summer 2015. Lasting benefits remain with the church from this Godly ministry and we do thank God for His goodness.

We have been searching diligently for a new Minister since our previous pastor left, the search has continued for some time but we prayerfully believe The Lord will provide. Meanwhile the Rev. Malcolm Watts of Emmanuel Salisbury has graciously agreed to moderate the church. We remain deeply grateful to Rev. Watts for his tirless commitment and ministry and also to many reformed sister churches for providing us with Godly men to preach on a regular basis, thank you, to all of you.

Previous Ministers

Details below are from church archives.

Ministers From 1841 – Present

  1. Minister Dates
  2. Thomas Clarke – 1841 To 1845
  3. Benjamin Coombs – 1845 To 1847
  4. Charles Sharman – 1847 To 1849
  5. Thomas Young – 1850 To 1856
  6. Henry W. Stembridge – 1856 To ?
  7. Mr Stevens – Missing Records...
  8. Mr Finch – Missing Records...
  9. Mr Eames – Missing Records...
  10. Edward Francis – 1880 To 1888
  11. W. Evans Foote – 1888 To 1895
  12. C. H. Marsack Day – 1896 To 1898
  13. W. B. Haynes – 1898 To 1904
  14. William Price – 1904 To 1916
  15. Arthur S. Martin – 1916 To 1920
  16. Arthur W. Wood – 1921 To 1926
  17. George H. Kilby – 1927 To 1935
  18. Gilbert Uden – 1936 To 1943
  19. W. J. Cleal – 1945 To 1948
  20. John A. C. Lawford – 1949 To 1953
  21. Robert Smithers – 1954 To 1959
  22. Trevor Edworthy – 1960 To 1965
  23. H. E. Lewis – 1966 To 1969
  24. E. J. Webb – 1971 To 1974
  25. Leslie Wright – 1976 To 1982
  26. Derek Rhapps – 1983 To 1996
  27. Norman Millership – 1997 To 2006
  28. Interregnum – 2006 To Current

Church Officers

Chardsmead’s current church model is Pastor / Minister  and Deacons with Deacons serving as church leaders alongside the Minister. This is an unusual  model among Baptist Churches a matter the membership discussed with our previous Pastor. The church believes a more biblical model is Minister with Elders and Deacons. The Constitution does not currently reflect this however.

During this interregnum all the church meetings and activities continue including the Lord’s Day services A.M. and P.M. and mid-week Bible Study / Prayer Meeting as well as the Door-To-Door visitation programme and Open Air Preaching and Tract Distribution.


Deacon / Former Secretary

Mr Stan Black

Stan served as Deacon since November 1986 and was church secretary from 1993. After a period of illness Stan received help from Peter as acting Secretary but Stan held his office until the day the Lord finally took him to Glory on July 29th 2016. His presence and gracious influence are greatly missed.

Deacon / Treasurer

Mr Roy Symes
Tel: 01308 424113

Roy has served as a Deacon since November 1991 and has been church Treasurer since 2003. Roy also leads an outreach work to a local community centre and is a regular member of the Door To Door Team.

Deacon / Secretary

Mr Peter Bruce
Tel: 01308 458478

Peter has served as a Deacon since November 2003. Since Stan Black's passing into Glory, Peter has been serving as Secretary. Peter regularly heads up the Open Air Ministry of the Church and preaches often with Mr Mike Mellor from Bournemouth, a seasoned campainger.

Missionary Interests

Missionary Secretary

Ms Helen Williams
Tel: 01308 281406

Helen has served as Missionary Secretary since 2006 and now leads the ladies mid-week meeting since Mrs Margaret Impey stepped down. Helen ministers ceaselessly behind the scenes to our laides and the sick.