The Please Explain Leaflets

The  Please Explain leaflets were designed to help make a connection between the local church and the local community perhaps for the first time. It’s common today to find little or no understanding about the Christian Gospel in a world that seems to rely on a notional atheism. Yet many are finding an emptiness in modern living that reflects the lack of human purpose in all systems of philosophy and which can only be answered by Biblical Christianity. 

We hope you will take the time to read our leaflets and consider the Bible’s account of our world, it’s origins and it’s future and what it means for you. If you have already had a leaflet and want to find out more on a particular subject, get help or ask a question you can click on a leaflet and go to the relevant help section.

If you represent a Church and are interested in using these leaflets you can find out more here

1. Why Would God Allow Suffering?

This is a question that genuinely puzzles many even though they may have some belief in God. Sometimes for those who have experienced tragedy in their lives this is an issue which holds some painful mistrust of a creator God.  

In this leaflet we tackle the subject of suffering and it’ s origins and who’s responsible. Is God a God of love and if so how does suffering relate to God? Is there any hope? Can we look for help from God?

We ask all these questions and offer genuine Biblical answers that are logical and helpful in their conclusion.

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2. The Big Bang..
Is It Where We Came From?

Another very popular discussion, many rely on the theory of evolution but what are the facts? Can the Big Bang and Evolution even work? Is there evidence that demonstrates The Big Bang Theory is incorrect? Is there evidence for a Creator God?

In this leaflet we ask these questions and provide real answers. You can also ask questions and find links to some really useful websites. 

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3. Crime And Punishment

In this leaflet we discuss crime and punishment, something we all have an opinion about, but why is there crime? How many of us are actually wrong doers? What part does conscience play and what motivates wrong doing?

Is there a solution? Can we ever have a trouble free society? Can we have as human beings a common standard to live by?

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4. The Bible..Just Another Book?

The Bible is the best selling book in the world of all time. But it’s also probably the most controversial literary work of all time. So is it just a book? Is it even relevant today? Where did the Bible come from, who wrote it and why?

Is the Bible reliable, was it written for the benefit of a few? Get answers to these questions and see what you think after considering the evidence.

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5. Can We Know There Is A GOd?

Here’s a question that effects every one of us and which most of us if we’re honest would really like an answer to. If there is a God it is a life changing fact, it impacts every one of us with clear consequences.

From the beginning of time man has held ideas about a Creator or God and thousands of years later where has it left us? The question still remains can we know there is a God or is it all just pie in the sky? 

Read on and consider some basic truths about life and the undeniable evidence for a Creator God.

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